LINC Myanmar 
Linking Infrastructure and Communities toward Waste Disposal in Myanmar

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Reese Caliman

Dou Dou

Alexander Jank

A student of linguistics at MIT, Reese first became impassioned by waste management on a trip to Myanmar February 2013 and founded this project just after joining MIT.  She's generally very waste- and environmentally- conscious and strives to make a real improvement to people's lives.  She loves traveling and learning foreign languages, as well as rock climbing and trying out new things. 
Dou joined the project just after its beginning stages and due to her hardworkingness, quickly became co-leader of the project.  She currently studies mechanical engineering at MIT, and generally socially-minded and a born leader, she's also working on a desertification project .  She loves to sing, dance, compose music, and sample new flavors.

In support of the project from the beginning, Alex traveled to Myanmar to help out during the summer implementation.  Austrian by birth, Alex considers himself a world citizen and regularly travels.  He is successfully juggling English, Italian, and Computer Science at the University of Vienna.  A nature lover, he can be regularly found outdoors.  His interests include the environment, business, and languages.  


IDEAS Global Challenge


Reese and Dou are both part of iHouse, a living-learning community at MIT focused on international development.  Our project makes an appearance on the site here:  


LINC Myanmar joined this student project competition, but unfortunately we proved to be ineligible due to a technicality of the project location's political connection with the US.  Although the sanctions placed on Myanmar have no effect on our project, MIT refused to sponsor the project.

Here is our first pitch in the contest:

Subtitles are available.