LINC Myanmar 
Linking Infrastructure and Communities toward Waste Disposal in Myanmar

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In order to best formulate a plan to tackle the trash problem in Kyaukme, we thought it best to have an accurate idea of how we can make the most impact.


  1. Determine current waste disposal system and its problems
  2. Connect with community and stakeholders
  3. Collect raw data
  4. Map out recycling infrastructure
  5. Plan future solutions and collaborations


March 2014

22: arrive in Mandalay

23: depart for Kyaukme, established connection with town committee

24: visited government landfill, started education at Crown English Learning Center, visited recycling shop

25: kite mapping of the town, waste sorts of several homes and businesses, teaching again at CELC

26: visited biggest recycling shop, teaching at CELC

27: departed for Mandalay, traced recyclables from Kyaukme to recycling shop and metal factory, attempted          to visit paper and plastics factory

29: departed from Mandalay

March 2014


  • Current system:
    • Government bin collection
    • Landfill burning
    • River dumping
  • Issues:
    • Unequal block collection
    • Inadequate landfill
    • Disposal through burning- child labor
    • Waterways pollution and blockage
  • Interactions:
    • Recycling workers
    • Town committee
    • Educators
  • Stakeholders:
    • Local government
    • Educators
    • The recycling industry
    • Community members

Waste Sorts Data Summary

Class Survey on Household Waste Content

Survey size: 11 students

Each student counted the type of waste presented in their household trashcan that day

Recycling Chain Map: Kyaukme-Mandalay

Estimated Gross Profit of the Chain

~ $30 million /day

Therefore we can safely conclude that the recycling industry is at least a multi-million industry in Myanmar.

Planned Future Solutions and Collaboration

  • Future Trips:
    • June 2014: Public awareness campaign
    • January 2015: Local government policy changes

March Project Leaders:

Reese Caliman

Dou Dou


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Some Pictures:

Wastepickers collect recyclables

Recycling shop in Kyaukme

Businesses like hotels and restaurants recycle

Visit to town landfill with a municipal officer

Municipal waste truck

Municipal collection bin

Teaching about waste

Kite-mapping the town